Author Profile

Foto WisudaPan Mohamad Faiz was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He works as a Senior Expert Assistant to Constitutional Justice at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia. Faiz received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Constitutional Law from TC Beirne School of Law, the University of Queensland, Australia. He holds Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) with a concentration in comparative constitutional law from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, and Bachelor of Law (S.H.) from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. Faiz was a recipient of the Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS) and ICCR Scholarship.

Currently, he is also an External Research Fellow at the Center for Public, International and Comparative Law (CPICL) at the University of Queensland, Australia. In addition, Faiz also teaches constitutional law on “Legal Theory”, “Law and Constitution”, “Comparative Constitutional Law”, “Constitutional Court”, “Procedural Law of the Constitutional Court”, and “Election Dispute Resolutions” at several universities, among others, at the University of Brawijaya, the Universitas Gadjah Mada, and the University of Indonesia. He was granted the Australian Awards Scholarship and ICCR Scholarship.

Furthermore, Faiz serves as Secretary of the Research and Publication Department at the Association of Constitutional Law and State Administrative Law Lecturer (APHTN-HAN), and Coordinator at the Association of Indonesian Legal Journal Management (APJHI). He was the Executive Secretary of the Indonesian Law Scholars Association (ISHI), and Manager at the Jimly School of Law and Government (JSLG). For his outstanding achievements and contributions, the U.S. Department of State selected Faiz to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on “Judicial Reform” in the United States in 2012.

In addition, Faiz has also attended professional training in the “ProCuria Program for Legal Officers” from The Hague University of Applied Science, The Netherlands (2017) and “Leadership in Court Governance” from the Singapore Judicial College (2017). He has also passed the Education and Training Program for Researchers (Advance Level) held by the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI).

Faiz is also known for his academic publications on legal and constitutional issues that have become references for many law students and academics. Beside his academic reputation, Faiz was well known as a student activist both in national and international level. He played very significant roles in various student organisations, such as:

  • Coordinator of Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (PPI Dunia) 2013/2014
  • President of Indonesian Student Association of Australia (PPI Australia) 2013/2014
  • President of Indonesian Student Association at the University of Queensland (PPIA UQ) 2012/2013
  • President of Indonesian Students Association in India (PPI India) 2007/2008
  • President of Student Executive Board at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (Senat Mahasiswa FHUI) 2004/2005
  • etc.