Research Paper

Thesis (Ph.D.):

  • “The Role of the Constitutional Court in Securing Constitutional Government in Indonesia”, under the supervision from Prof. Suri Ratnapala and A/Prof. Ann Black.

Thesis (Master):

  • “Critical Analysis on the Amendment Procedure under the Constitution of Indonesia: A Comparative Study from Selected Constitutions of the World (Japan, South Korea, India, United States and Germany)”, under the supervision from Prof. Dr. Kamala Sankaran, LL.B, LL.M., May 2008.

Thesis (Undergraduate):

  • “Controlling Mechanism towards Indonesian Judges by the Judicial Commission and Its Future Problems (Legal Review of Law Number 22 Year 2004 regarding Judicial Commission)” under the supervision from Prof. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, S.H., M.A., Ph.D., August 2005.

Research Papers:



  • “Minorities as the Victim”, March 2002.
  • “The Role of BUMN in Indonesia”, April 2002.
  • “Violence in Personal Relationship”, December 2004. [Awarded as First Winner of Legal Research Paper Competition in 2004].


  • “The Law Problems in Naggro Aceh Darussalam Post Tsunami Disaster”, with the team members of Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, Prof. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, Gandjar L. Bonda, S.H., M.H., February 2005.
  • “Islamic Law and Ideology Competition in Parliament”, Constitutional Law, February 2005.
  • “Into an Ideal Representatives Democracy: A Critical Review to Optimally the Role of the Regional Representatives Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI), April 2005. [Elected as the Big Five Outstanding Students in 2005, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia].
  • “The Overview of Legal Problems on Local Government Election in 2004”, Center of Research and Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, September 2005.
  • “Judicial Review of International Convention Act”, in cooperation between Indonesian Monitoring Court Society, Faculty of Law – University of Indonesia, and Center of Research and Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, December 2005.


  • “Semi Autonomous Social Field (SASF): An Analysis of Schoking Market at Minister Residential Complex in Widya Chandra”, Anthropology Law, February 2006.
  • “Affectivity of Constitutional Court Decisions”, in cooperation between Center of Research and Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and Konrad Adnauer Stiftung (KAS) – Germany, March 2006.
  • “Analysis on Exceptions on Copyright under the Indian Copyright Act, 1947”, Intellectual Property Rights, October 2006.
  • “Analysis on the Role of Security Council in Maintenance International Peace and Security”, International Organization and Human Rights, November 2006.
  • “Educational Neglect: Legal Perspective on Right to Education”, Law and Human Rights, November 2006.
  • “Constitutional Rights of Children: A Comparative Critical Study under the Constitution of India and Indonesia”, Law and Human Rights, December 2006.


  • “Legal Concept of Fair Dealing in Selected Countries: A Comparative Study under Copyrights Laws of India, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Germany”, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), January 2007.
  • “Death Penalty and Right to Life: A Critical Study with Comparative Analysis in the Contemporary Debate (India, United States, European Union and Indonesia), Civil Liberties, April 2007.
  • “Gender Justice and Constitutional Safeguards in India”, Comparative Jurisprudence, April 2007.
  • “Protection of Trade Marks Rights: A Comparative Study under Indian and Indonesian Trade Marks Acts, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), June 2007.
  • “Protection of Women with Special Emphasize on Domestic Violence Act: A Comparative Analysis between India and Indonesia”, Law and Society, September 2007.
  • “Comparative Analysis on Promissory Estoppel from Selected Common Law Countries”, Administrative Law, December 2007.


  • “From Rio de Janeiro to Bali: Legal Mechanism to Protect Climate Change”, Environmental Law, January 2008.
  • “Constitutional Adjudication Systems of the United States of America, India, Germany and Indonesia: A Comparative Study”, Technique of Judicial Control, May 2008.

* working in progress *