Indonesia Becomes UN Security Council Members

By: Pan Mohamad Faiz
Good news comes from New York, U.S. where the United Nation located. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) announced last Monday that Indonesia had become a nonpermanent member of the Security Council (SC) for two-year terms starting 1 January 2007. Indonesia’s strongest competitor in that race to represent Asia was Nepal, following the sudden withdrawal of South Korea last month.

As one of Indonesian citizens I shall proud to my lovely country, because become the member of UNSC it means that Indonesia will get an acknowledgment from world nations that can play a key role in maintaining global peace, security and stability.

The main reasons why mostly of UN Countries voted Indonesia become SC member because Indonesia has played a significant role in maintaining peace and security at both the regional and global levels and Indonesia is also a developing country that is the world’s third largest democratic state, with a moderate vision, and the fourth largest state by population that warrants representation in the Security Council.

Being a peacekeeper country is a fundamental principle in the conduct of Indonesian foreign policy which has been mandated in Indonesian Preamble of the 1945 Constitution that Indonesia have to actively participate in the maintenance of international peace and security.

As we know that the international geopolitical situation in the last few years has been tinted with the growing use or threat of force. Pre-emptive unilateral actions are eroding the painstakingly built paradigm of multilateralism. Discrimination and double standards are on the rise. Therefore, it is urgently required that a moderate voice promoting multilateralism and dialog should resonate again inside the hallowed chambers of the Security Council.

The big advantages when Indonesia becomes the SC member that Indonesia had a very independent foreign policy, had no state enemies and had close relations with major powers, Asia, and all SC members. It will be strong diplomatic assets, which will allow the country to act as a bridge to promote international peace and stability.

The participation of Indonesia in the Security Council during the next two years will promote not only its national interests, but also the interests of other developing countries in the maintenance of international peace and security, in accordance with the UN charter and international law.

That’s why to fulfill its role in Security Council Indonesia should work closely with South Africa and Guatemala, along with the remaining elected members, Congo, Ghana, Peru and Qatar, all members of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), to consolidate the views of the developing countries.

In another way, as a leading member of the Organization of Islamic Countries and the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia can play a significant role in issues related to the Middle East, particularly the simmering question of the Palestinian occupied territory which is the prominent issues in the UNSC agenda as well as the latest tensions on the Korean peninsula crisis in the drama over North Korea’s nuclear program.

It should be remembered, however, that at the Security Council the five permanent members hold supreme power with their veto right. Like it or not, the United States also remains the sole global superpower. For the latest example, the prospect of Venezuela gaining membership to the Security Council was worrying for major powers, especially the United States, due to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has set himself up as one of the most outspoken opponents of U.S. President George W. Bush’s administration. Because of that Venezuela hadn’t elected as a member of UNSC. To anticipate the same condition and situation inside the SC forum, however, Indonesia and others member can do is actively contributed to the enhancement of multilateral cooperation in countering the U.S. negative domination.

Constructive cooperation, not confrontation, provides the best chance for Indonesia to help in the creation of a better world. This can only be achieved if Indonesia sets a good example for the world, especially for the third world countries.

Godspeed and Glorious Indonesia…!

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