M.C.L & LL.M. Student at University of Delhi


This programme is meant only for foreign nationals with foreign law degrees. In all, not more than ten students shall be admitted to this programme. Not more than two students from one country will ordinarily admitted to this programme. This admission shall be made according to meant and shall be closed along with admission to LL.M. Programme.

A foreign national, who has obtained a Degree of Bachelor of Laws or any other Law Degree from one country other than India with not less than 50% marks, which entitles him to practise in his own country, may be admitted to the Programme of Master of Law to be known as Master of Comparative Law. The students admitted to the M.C.L. Programme shall be required to take the courses prescribed for the two-year LL.M. Programme in I/II./III/IV Term including the dissertation and all other conditions regarding the requirement of attendance, promotion, etc. shall mutatis mutandis be the same as for the two-year LL.M. Programme except that the Dean, in his discretion, may permit a student of M.C.L. to submit research paper/papers in lieu of the written examination in anyone or more of the course of studies offered by him. A decision to this effect must be taken and announced within a month from the commencement of each Term. The candidates must submit the research paper/papers to the Controller of Examinations through the Dean before the end of the Term, that is, 15th December or 30th April, as the case may be.

The candidate seeking admission to the M.C.L. Programme should produce along with his/her application the following documents:

  1. Attested true copy of the University Marks Certificates for LL.B I, II and III years (of all Terms) examinations showing the percentage of marks and division obtained;
  2. Attested true copy of the LL.B. Degree or the Provisional LL.B. Certificate of the University from which he/she has passed the LL.B. Degree Examination.

Since the medium of instruction and examination in M.C.L. Programme is English language, no one will be admitted to this course unless he/she is found proficient in English language. It is desirable that the candidate for M.C.L. Programme should have received his earlier education in law or education in the under-graduate degree Programme or at the senior secondary level through English medium.

A foreign national with foreign with foreign law degree may be awarded LL.M. Degree if he/she fulfils all the requirements prescribed for such degree in all respects but such a student will not he required to appear in LL.M. Entrance test for the purpose of his/her admission.

Age Requirement
A candidate who does not complete 22 years of age before 1st October of the year in which admission is sought shall not be admitted to the M.C.L. first year programme.

How to Apply
A foreign national seeking admission to M.C.L. Programme must apply through the Foreign Students Advisor, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007. No application for admission shall be entertained unless the same is received by the Convenor, Admission Committee latest by 22 July, 2006.

The candidates selected for admission shall be required to pay registration fee of US$ 200 besides all other fees payable by LL.M. two-year Programme students (Rs. 7.629).

Payment of Fees

  1. Fees and other dues as given below must be paid by the candidates selected for admission by the dates in the manner prescribed by the Admission Committee, Faculty of Law. If a candidate fails to pay the fees by the prescribed date, his/her selection for admission will automatically stand cancelled and the vacancy so caused shall be filled up from the candidate next in order of merit. An extension for payment of fee may be allowed either generally or on the request of any candidate by an order in writing by the Convenor, Admission Committee subject to availability of seats.
  2. If any student after taking admission to LL.M. First Year Programme wishes to discontinue his/her studies, he/she must inform the Dean, Faculty of Law in writing immediately for the removal of his/her name from roll, otherwise he/she will be required to pay the dues till the date his/her name is removed by the office of the Dean, Faculty of Law for non-payment of dues so accrued.

For further information please contact Mr. Pan Mohamad Faiz (Indonesia), Student of M.C.L. Programme at Faculty of Law, Delhi University through Mobile: +919818547489 or just send an e-mail to: pm_faiz_kw@yahoo.com / faiz@mahkamahkonstitusi.go.id. ۩

New Delhi, August 2006

Pan Mohamad Faiz

[1] The exchange rate for US$ 1 normally Rs. 45.00.

Mastering The Comparative Law


Starting this month, i’ll study another side of law. Common law system will be my daily study in Delhi University (DU). Even i’m not yet starting my study rite now, but i’ve got a lot of attractive news related ’bout subject of law from television and newspaper. We’re all know, however, Law is very related with politics matters, so it’ll be more interesting if we can mix that academic subjects together. Especially, South Asia Countries have shown their great political movement to rule half of the world.

Please wait my next articles in this Blog!

New Delhi, July 2006