CONSREV, Vol. 4, No. 2 (December 2018)

PUBLISHED: CONSREV, VOL. 4, NO. 2 (December 2018)

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Constitutional Review (CONSREV) is an international journal published by the Center for Research and Case Analysis and Library Management of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia. The fundamental aim of this journal is to disseminate research and conceptual analysis which focus on constitutional issues.

In the last edition of Year 2018, six articles are presented by constitutional law scholars from various universities and institutions, as follows:

  1. “Megapolitical Cases before the Constitutional Court of Indonesia since 2004: An Empirical Study” by Associate Professor Björn Dressel (Australian National University) and Professor Tomoo Inoue (Seikei University). DOI:
  2. “Indonesia’s Judicial Review Regime in Comparative Perspective” by Professor Theunis Roux (University of New South Wales). DOI:
  3. “Korean Constitutional Court and Constitutionalism in Political Dynamics: Focusing on Presidential Impeachment” by Jin Wook Kim (The Constitutional Court of Korea). DOI:
  4. “Referencing International Human Rights Law in Indonesian Constitutional Adjudication” by Bisariyadi (The Constitutional Court of Indonesia). DOI:
  5. “Constitutional Retrogression in Indonesia Under President Joko Widodo’s Government: What Can the Constitutional Court Do?” by Abdurrachman Satrio (University of Padjadjaran). DOI:
  6. “Harmonization of Regulation Based on Pancasila Values Through the Constitutional Court of Indonesia” by Tedi Sudrajat (Jenderal Soedirman University). DOI:

The Editors expect that this issue might give some new insight and understanding on recent developments on constitutional law and constitutional courts in broader nature to our readers. The full issue of this edition can also be downloaded here: Please feel free to share this journal with others.

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Pan Mohamad Faiz, Ph.D.